Cute Cars


Seems like a while back now but in the summer I was roped into taking a friend's 2CV to a vintage car show in Didsbury, Manchester.  I'm not normally terribly interested in cars but I do like a nice vintage number.  It struck me how much more attractive I find them than I do the cars of today.  They seem to have such personality, such lovely colours and, often, such glamour.

These examples are so cute to look at head on.  It's almost like looking at a face.  I'm sure the owners of these vehicles will have given them names because they seem to have personality.

I like the chrome and the grilles on the three below but I really love the  colours:

A car like this one would be quite exotic on the streets of Great Britain but it would certainly add some glamour: 

The interiors seem to me to be so much more glamorous.  These steering wheels are like works of art:

Below is the cutie that I drove to the show.  She looks cute but the challenge of driving her reminded me that looks aren't everything when it comes to cars.  Maybe today's cars aren't all that bad after all.

Perhaps I'll look at modern cars with fresh eyes at some point and do a little post on some modern day favourites.


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