Architecture: Balcony Spotting in the South of France


August has gone by in a blur of work and deadlines with the odd oasis of fun thrown in, not that work isn't fun at times but it's a far cry from lazing in the sun and hanging out in cafes, my preferred summer activity.  I was looking through some snaps from my trip to France in July and I thought I'd share with you some examples of one of my favourite architectural delights, that is beautiful balconies.  

All the images are of gorgeous decorative ironwork that can be seen if you look up when walking the streets  of Narbonne, Beziers and Montpellier.  


Even a fairly modest apartment like the one we rented has a rather lovely balcony.  This is the view we woke to each morning, just so typically French and casually beautiful.

Looking up at buildings pays off in lots of ways.  The details below these balconies are also stunning, classic stone corbels and beautifully carved details such as cherubs and quite often a striking face.

This top floor balcony looks out on the centre of Montpellier. Can't you just see yourself in that apartment, popping out onto the balcony occasionally to watch the world go by?

Even quite modest small towns in France, and other continental cities for that matter, have exquisite examples of decorative ironwork.  Do make a point of looking out for such gems next time you're abroad.


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