Clever and Creative Ways with Plants and Flowers


Hope you've got the same feeling as I have today of summer sunshine being just round the corner.  I really felt the sun beating down on my face while I was out on an errand earlier.  It was heartening to see so many beautiful flowers and plants that people had taken the time to nurture in the gardens in my area.  I was, however, hoping to spot a few examples of some clever and imaginative planters and displays but didn't spot anything that was at all out of the ordinary.  Including in my own garden, I have to add.

I thought I'd share with you a few ideas I've come across lately of original and interesting ways to display plants and flowers.  Flowers are so beautiful that you can really just stick them in any old container and they will look gorgeous but still it is doubly pleasing to introduce an element of the unexpected or outright quirky.  

Here's an idea I spotted recently at Toast on Marylebone High Street in London.  I find their homewares understated and stylish and their shop front reflects that.  I'm plannning to copy this idea in my garden.  I'm sure it can't cost much as hollow breeze blocks are cheaper to buy than most plant pots. Just add paint and plants:

Here's an image of the overall effect:

Liberty in London always surprise and delight with their displays and I found this use of old books enchanting at the same time as being slightly shocking.  Not a bad reaction from a shop display.  I think I might pinch this idea to use at home too - notice how I'm very drawn to the cheap and easy to do option (oh dear!):

This flower bed really made me smile.  It comes via Houzz from the blog Between Naps on the Porch - - which I think is a great name as it makes the hard work of gardening seem so incidental and optional:

The use of this moped in the impossibly chic Parisian shop Les Mauvaises Graines - - just goes to show how you can plant up virtually anything that is hanging about in your garden:

Thanks for the above great image to:
Yelp Paris Elite Event Green & The City @ Les Mauvaises Graines, Paris, 17/02/2011 via:

Going back indoors, you might be tempted by this delightful chandelier.  It may be a bit high maintenance but if you love flowers you just may find it's worth it:

I hope this post inspires you to think of new and interesting ways to display plants and flowers.  If you have your own ideas or have spotted any good examples I'd love to hear them.  You can leave a comment describing it or email me a photo.  

Long may the sun shine on us all!






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