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Hope you're having a lovely Easter break.  Easter is one of my favourite times of the year.  You get a good few days out of your work routine, if not completely work-free, permission to eat lots of chocolate and a chance to spend time with friends and family with none of the pressures that come with Christmas. 

It's been a busy time for me as I was out of town on a couple of days so had to squeeze work into a very short week.  Wednesday was spent in London where I was lucky enough to attend a talk and book launch by Abigail Ahern, one of my favourite designers and bloggers.  More on her in the near future.  

A trip to London is always inspiring and I always come across something I've never seen (or maybe just not noticed) before.  On this trip my "discovery" was in Designers Guild on Marylebone High Street  where I came across some gorgeous plaster busts by kathy Dalwood.  I was delighted by them and could immediately think of a couple of clients who would love them.  They are priced between £280 and £320; expensive ornaments but very reasonable for works of art, which is what they are.

They look so whimsical and delicate.  They are actually quite weighty and solid.  I loved seeing them on these mirror-backed shelves where you have a view of  them from all angles. (The one with Bonaparte in her hat is called Josephine!):

If you're not sure they'd work in your home, take a look at the image below.  How fab would one of those look on your coffee table? Ok, if they'd obscure your view of the tv as you sit slumped on the sofa (or is that just me?), you could always put one on a console or on your mantelpiece, or go the whole hog and place one on a plinth just for fun. (The one on the right has a horse and carriage on her head and is called The Highway Man's Girl):


If you don't love the fresh crisp whiteness of the plaster casts, you may prefer these figurines in concrete:

Of course, when I got home and checked out Kathy Dalwood on the internet I found that she is a long-established, successful artist who's had lots of press coverage - much of it in magazines I subscribe to.  I just hadn't  taken it in until I saw these lovely pieces in the flesh - very behind the curve on this one.

You can see and buy the examples in my photos at Designers Guild, a shop that has been around for so long it's easy to take for granted, but it is an excellent store and well worth a visit if you are in London.  Visit her super informative website for other examples, such as Miss Chatanooga who has a choo choo on her head!

Kathy Dalwood also has a really interesting blog that is well-worth a read.  You can access her site and her blog via this link:

Just off to pick my favourites from the spoils of yesterday's easter egg hunt.


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