Cambridge Snapshot


I am aware that a lot of my posts, ok, all of my posts, are quite wordy so this is a post that will consist mainly of images.  I spent the weekend in Cambridge with one of my loveliest, closest friends and her lovely family (you know who you are, Charlotte - Andy, Peter and Rose ).  I don't get to go often enough and when I do I am always blown away by how gorgeous it is.  There is so much stunning architecture that I could have spent the whole time snapping away with my friend's superior camera, instead of eating ice cream at Benet's and having my "cackle" admired by a seven year old.

I settled for some quick snaps of glorious and intriguing doorways (I love doorways and gateways) and a few improbable creatures. As promised, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Clare College

Gonville & Caius College

Great Court Trinity College

Great Court Trinity Over Gate

Trinity College

Doubly intriguing gateway...

Improbable Creatures in Cambridge:

Hope I've reminded you how lovely it is, or, if you've never been, I hope I've planted the idea of going.


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