Add an Autumnal Glow with Zara Home


It's been a beautiful sunny day in Manchester and I dragged my partner out from behind his desk for an hour just so we didn't let it pass by completely uncelebrated.  Still, there is no escaping the fact that Autumn is in the air.  I do love Autumn.  I much prefer winter clothes to summer ones - mainly due to not having to expose pale skin or grapple with fake tan.  At home I love lighting candles in the evening (or the afternoon on dark, damp days) and making things glisten and glow.  

While I was in London on Tuesday I took the opportunity to pop into Zara Home.  I love their homewares and can't for the life of me think why they don't have them in more Zara branches:  Manchester would be the perfect place for them - Zara please hear my plea!  Anyway, I spotted some lovely accessories that are pretty affordable and would look super in candlelight - not my only selection criteria but a good start.

These glasses, with their substantial gold rims and nice shapes, are pretty and useful:

Only spotted these two on the website. Priced at £5 and £7 each: 

The glasses would work well with these glamorous trays, both with foxed mirrored bases and pierced filigree silver sides.  I love both these shapes but I think the octagonal one just has the edge:
Mercury-style glassware really comes into its own in the winter.  It's been fashionable for some time now and most people have some pieces in their home, even if it's only a tealight holder.  I think it is timeless, as a bit of glamour and glow never goes out of fashion.  These canisters are in a richer, warmer tone to the usual silver of mercury glass but would work beautifully with your existing pieces:

This openwork box is made of resin and looks like it is covered in lots of tiny beads.  I think it would go really nicely on a coffee table or on a hall console as a place to put your bundle of keys:

If you are keen on timeless pieces - I like to make sure I spend most of my money on them for obvious reasons - then mother of pearl is a great choice.  Is it my imagination or do mother of pearl photoframes flatter the image?  I also love this box - think I have a thing about boxes.
I hope there are some things there that you might like for yourself or to give as a gift to some lucky person.  I'm off to light some candles and enjoy the glow.

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