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Lately, I seem to have come across a lot of people who have not yet discovered Rockett St George home accessories.  What a great shame!  It is an excellent online store all round (they have won awards to prove it) but their home accessories (art, and home decor etc.) are what I really love them for.  You rarely see such a collection of well-chosen, interesting and thoroughly usable items in one place.  I should point out that they have not bribed me to say this.

If you have a browse through their site you are bound to find things that appeal to you.  There are so many things I like that it would be a bit of a bore to list them.  I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite items.

I love this cushion from La Cerise sur le Gateau for its prettiness with the slightly subversive cigarette thrown in - I did use this in grey in a teenage girl's room but there was a bit of discussion about the perils of smoking.  Quite right too!    


They do them in grey at Selfridges:

And the La Cerise sur Le Gateau site is also worth a look:

I'd been seeing sconces similar to the one below around for years and had always loved them but they were terribly expensive.  These look great, reflecting the candlelight beautifully, and are nice quality at a really good price.  I've only used them with one client so far, flanking an overmantel mirror,  but I  know I'll have to resist the temptation to keep suggesting them for different spots.  My clever client added her own candles and gave it a slightly different look - might get a snap of that at some point.

I love the colours in this rug and the burst of energy it lends to the room in the image.  It could also work well in a darker, moodier room that needed a lift.  It just takes a brave client and the right spot...


They are a great source for punchy, quirky wall art.   Especially as their prints, already reasonably priced, are just the right size for Ikea frames which means the cost of the piece doesn't escalate when you start looking into framing them.  These are a couple of examples that I have used to pretty good effect (affect?, never quite sure):

They make me smile whenever I see them:

I love the butterly print we put over the bed, particulary as its shape works so beautifully with the wall lights.

I hope I've at least made you think about checking out their site.  They could have just the thing you need to freshen things up at home.

Must dash now to prepare for my fabulous sister's fabulous wedding tomorrow.

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