A Dash of Colour in the Garden


Trying to get to grips with the practical, technical side of posting on my blog, so I thought I'd share with you some pleasing images of colour in the garden.  As you will see from the photos, I am not a gardener (sadly, you may also detect that I am not a photographer either).  As I can't always rely on plants to provide the colour, I quite like injecting it by other means.

Green garden waterpump

Orange garden table and chairs

Multicoloured garden chairs

Green vertical slat garden chairs in a line

As you can see, the Belgians are not so predictable in their colour choices as you may expect.  All these garden items are just as I bought them in Belgium (in their juice, as we say).  These pieces are sold and enjoying new lives in wet British gardens but similar things are not so hard to find.

If you prefer to have more muted garden furniture, you still may be up  for something slightly unexpected and fun.  Check out the lovely garden covers at www.thecamouflagecompany.com   I am definitely going to let my barbecue overwinter in one of their covers.  Just wish I had a rotary washing line so I could get the English Rose cover.

Rotary line cover from Camouflage Company

Garden covers bbq

I'm off on holiday to Italy in a couple of days.  I'm hoping I'll find some inspiring things to post about but it will also depend on whether I can get to grips with posting on my ipad - don't hold your breath.

Hope the sun shines on you while I'm away.


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