New Fabrics to Delight


Hope you're enjoying the lengthening of the days rather than dwelling too much on how wet it is much of the time - people who've been flooded can definitely be forgiven for dwelling on that.  One of the many positive aspects of working in interior design is that Spring seems to come quite early in the form of the launch of new collections of fabrics and wallpapers etc.  I've been devouring the sample books old and new in recent weeks because I'm looking for quite a few things for different projects.  There are so many gorgeous fabrics and I thought I'd share with you just a few of my favourites.  This is a fairly random selection in no particular order but they are all examples that I could see myself using in some context.

 The first example below is Florica Azalea/Turquoise by Harlequin from the collection Jardin Boheme.  It is a cotton chenille that feels lovely.  If you described it to someone listing all the colours it might sound garish or sugary and the second colourway below this (Coral/Indigo) could indeed have been quite brash.  The clever designers have anchored the whole thing on such well-chosen greys (and a dash of black amongst the coral) so that the overall effect is a fresh, bright and contemporary delight.



The Colefax and Fowler Celestine Old Blue linen below is a bit more traditional than my usual choices but I think the subtle colour palette is exquisite.  It is almost lovely enough just for the perfect shades of blue and grey and stone but then they've introduced a subtle but divine hint of mauve.  That's the colour I'd especially pick up on in the rest of the room.

 Another fabric from Colefax & Fowler, this time from the Manuel Canovas brand, is the on-trend Academia (bleu).  I love the cabinet of curiosities look and it underlines the current taste for clever display and arranging things into vignettes.  It is a fun fabric masquerading as something more serious.  Placing the shelves and objects on a toile de Jouy background challenges the user to add their own quirk to a room rather than just letting the print do all the work - or maybe that's just me!

 The Osborne and Little aptly named Butterfly Garden fabric below is quite special.  The beautiful big roses and the background are all monochrome.  Only the gorgeous butterflies are coloured so that each butterfly has a starring role.  This only comes in one colourway which suggests they think they achieved perfection and couldn't improve on it.

Jean Paul Gaultier created this ethereal design.  Of all the designs in this post this is the one I'm most keen to use.  It manages to pack a real punch and be very wow whilst remaining quite neutral and easy to work with.


Fabrics as lovely as these usually come with hefty price tags so are best used in small quantities.  In most schemes I would tend to use more modest fabrics for large expanses - they are lovely too but a nice plain linen doesn't photograph so well - and keep the more expensive material for smaller areas.  The sofa below was transformed using just two metres of Lelievre's Sonie Rykiel Rue de Visconti Dragee.

If I can find the time soon, I'll share with you some of my wallpaper picks of the moment.



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