We Blog Design: Home Slice


This week I came across a rather fun company called Home Slice  http://www.homeslicedesign.com/ after I signed up to a kind of networking and inspiration site for bloggers called http://weblog-design.com/  If you are a blogger you might like to check that out.

Home Slice is a company that creates products that evoke the tiny details of British life.  They make the kind of things that would be super gifts to take to friends abroad if they are anglophiles or homesick ex-pats.

When I saw these cushions I was immediately filled with nostalgia for childhood days at the seaside.  The Blackpool cushion is what really does it for me.  If you're from the South of England Margate may be more your thing.  

This lampshade is also really evocative and moody, especially if you are a Londoner:


If you have a soft spot for spam and golden syrup, you might enjoy a browse of their site.

Hope you're making some lovely memories for the future this weekend.



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