Ok, so you've not got the budget and/or bottle to plump for the Fornasetti wallpaper and you can't quite stretch to any real pieces as seen on and but you would like to add a bit of Fornasetti wit and style to your home, well here are a few items that can help you do that on a titchy budget.

When I bobbed into Next the other week I came across a surprising selection of interesting pieces.  These boxes, for example, look quite striking piled up and could be put to good use too.

I liked this square plate so much I bought one to take home.  At the moment it is sitting in the dining room with a decanter and glasses on it.  Its final destination is David's study,  together with the printed canvas I think they look quite smart and masculine.

If you do fancy a Fornasetti style wallpaper but can't stretch to the lovely Cole & Son papers, you might find you can do something with this Architecture Wallpaper at £15 for a 10 metre roll:  

In January I blogged about bookends and showed off my Fornasetti-style bookends that I got from Rockett St George for £12 - still delighted with them:

These tealight holders that I recently spotted in the homewares section of Selfridges cost just a few pounds but feel like fine porcelain and look super smart:

If you have a little trawl of the internet and get a feel for Fornasetti, I'm sure you can spot many more items that are affordable but help to create a similar vibe.

In my last post I suggested that if you could get your hands on a wallpaper roll end you could frame sections to good effect.  If you click on the link below and scroll down you will find a stunning example of that.  It is on a designer's blog that looks really interesting (must have a closer look when I get a minute) and is an image of a shop window in Paris, L'Eclaireur.  The wallpaper is Nicchie which lends itself perfectly to this treatment.
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