A Life More Ordinary


Hope you're not feeling too deflated by the onset of normal life.  All my Christmas decorations are down and the house is restored to its normal self.  I can't decide whether it all looks less-cluttered and more tasteful or a bit lacklustre and, dare I say, slightly boring. 

In the interests of economy and time-saving, I have fully embraced the trend for just decorating a few key surfaces and grouping things together to increase their overall impact.  Here are some images of key areas in my sitting room with and without their Christmas dressings.

For the mantelpiece this year I went all out for a bower bird look mainly using pieces I already owned, with the odd new purchase or gift thrown in for good measure.  I was aiming for a glowy, bronzy, goldy look with little hits of white.  I was quite pleased with how this turned out.  I think the key to its success was having a limited colour palette and a variety of finishes (mercury, glitter,rough, smooth, shiny, matt etc) as well as a fairly generous garland so that my ornaments could nestle, some being partially obscured and others wholly revealed.  When I lit the candles and tealights in the evening it all glowed and shimmered beautifully:

Below is the mantel as it is today.  It is still quite glowy but seems a bit lacking.  Maybe I just need to get used to it:

I've really enjoyed the few Christmas additions I made to the shelf in the image below.  The chandelier garland lights and the little figures really made me smile and the open boxes hinted at treasures within:

Here's the shelf without its more magical elements.  I might still like it when it is bathed in candle light:

When I dug out and set up my pink tree on a table in the bay window of the front room just before bedtime one night, I thought it no longer passed muster.  I was comparing it in my mind to a more lovely look I'd seen in a magazine.  I decided to sleep on it.  The next morning, with my more sensible, less sleep-deprived head on, I decided to settle for something that looked fun and pretty good rather than splurge a good deal of time and money on something fabulous - maybe next year.

The table in the window is definitely lacking something now.  The fairy lights in the vessel give me the glow I like to have in winter but I miss the height of the pink tree.  I think a visit to the florist is in order.  Flowers are a great way to ease the transition from the highly decorative look we go in for at Christmas to the more pared back look of our everyday homes:

Hope your first week back to normality turns out to be a good one.

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