Happy New Year and Some Christmas Cheer


Hope you all had a really wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the year ahead.  I always feel very optimistic at this time of year and life feels full of possibilities.   The feeling springs not just from the arrival of a whole new year but also from spending time with people I really want to be with and who are so supportive.  I'm so lucky with my family and friends.  It's a feeling I want to hang on to for as long as possible.  My main resolution this year is to make more time for friends and family and be resolute in my policy of only accepting work for people I feel in tune with: A policy that has stood me in good stead so far. 

I won't bore you with my other New Year's resolutions that essentially equate to a goal of becoming perfect in every way, instead I shall show you some images of the home of a client who I think always does Christmas beautifully.

There were so many other gorgeous Christmas delights I could have photographed in this house but Christmas Eve was not the time to be getting underfoot.  The lovely arrangements on the mantelpieces and the window sill were all created by the super  talented Heather at http://www.barkerstheflorist.com/  in Altrincham.  Their website does not do them justice and I'm afraid the quality of my photos doesn't really show you quite how lovely the arrangements looked and smelt! 

Very Best Wishes for 2013!


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