Living Etc Jan 2013


I'm sure  I'm not on my own in having had an excessively hectic time lately.  Only just managed to pick up and read a copy of Living Etc.'s January issue.  As I was reading through it I thought I'd tweet a couple of images, but as I read on I decided it was such a good issue that I'd do a little post on it.  Some of you will already be readers of the magazine and it'll be interesting to see if some of the favourite bits I've picked out chime with your own, others may not yet have given it a go.  I'd like to encourage you to try it as I think you might find it quite inspiring.

The Cool Yule strapline is borne out by the lovely cover image:

The cover shows an image from the home of  interior designer, Paula Gower, who has created a beautiful family home that is wonderfully glamorous, quirky and colourful.  Here's another image of the same home (especially love that light they are sitting under):

You can see more of Paula Gowar's home in the magazine and on her website:
Some of the products that are featured are to die for.  I will be looking out for an opportunity to use one of these tear drop pendants with tassles from Curiosa and Curiosa:

Those aren't the only beautiful things Curiosa and Curiosa do, look for yourself:
The magazine features beautifully some of the bottle-shaped candles from Anthropologie that I highlighted in my blog post on home bars a while ago.  Wish Father Christmas would bring me one of those, that is unless he'd rather bring me the Windsor Sofa in lilac grey velvet  (gotta be the velvet) from  pictured on the facing page....

The massive fashion for New York-style tin ceiling tiles has been embraced for good effect in the image of this extension.  A space like that needs an injection of character and this ceiling does that well.  It is in the home of interiors writer Kate Watson-Smyth whose blog I think you might enjoy:

This reading nook for kids is one of my favourite spots.  Who could resist snuggling down on one of those beanbags with a good book.  Would love to see those shelves brought up the walls to flank that window - maybe as their collection grows!  There is a rather good feature on different styles for kids' rooms that could just start you off in the right direction if you're considering doing up a child's room at the moment.


I'm going to enjoy reading this issue in deeper depth over the Christmas break.  Perfect, as I intend to spend lots of time lounging on my sofa.

Hope you have a truly fabulous Christmas,


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