Christmas Creep


I do love Christmas but if I start getting into it too early I feel like it will spoil the specialness of it.  The downside of ignoring it until well into December is that all the early birds have snatched the juiciest worms and what's left can be a bit meagre.  Yesterday I had to pass through the wonderland that is the John Lewis xmas decorations department, relentless Christmas music and all.

On impulse I decided to have a proper look and was really taken with some of the things I saw - I even went so far as to make a few purchases.  Most people who are interested in design and interiors tend to go through an internal battle each year, prevaricating between adding to and enhancing their existing decorations and throwing them over completely and going with something totally different.  There are now so many different looks you could go for that you could spend a fortune each year if you wanted to ring the changes.

I prefer to stick to a core look but add a few new pieces to keep it fresh and up to date.  The things I've chosen below, I think, will go with most looks from very traditional to Scandi and a big area in between.

Let's start big with this LED lit tree that can be used indoors or out.  The bright white base will only look good if it is indeed outside in the snow.  If you have any old tester pots hanging around you could spend 10 minutes painting it in almost any shade of browny, beigy, grey and it would look much better.  They are priced at £95 or £50 depending on size. The image on the site is better than mine, so click on the link below my image.

If you have space on shelves and tables or a generous window ledge, you could do a lot worse than fill it with one of these natural wooden laser cut buildings which are lit by LED lights.  This is the double spire church at £15:

This train station is also lovely as so many of us associate Christmas with arriving and leaving:

Keeping with this lovely woody look, I succumbed to a few of these glitter stars.  They are generously sized at 40cm and really well-priced at £6 each.  I think I might use them on the doors in my house.  They could even work as an alternative to a wreath on the front door, especially if you live on a street (as I do) where passing late night revellers (sounds so much better than drunks!) might decide to swipe it.

A lot of my existing decorations are glass and mercury in silver and gold.  I really love these glass pieces in a much warmer bronzy brown shade and I think they'll add an interesting touch to my mantelpiece.  It is also quite an inexpensive way of adding some height to a Christmas display.  The trees come in two sizes, 30 cm high at £15 and 38cm high at £18.

I'll pick up the lovely warm brown colour in the glass tree with one of these rather fine looking sitting reindeer (£8, 16cm high):

If you, or indeed I, start to feel that it is all perhaps a bit muted, we could have some fun with some lovely colour in a particular area of the house - a landing, the utility room or downstairs loo or in a child's room.  These oversized paper baubles would provide quite a bit of bang for your buck.  They are a larger, brighter version of the kind I remember from childhood.  They are 42cm high and are £6 each.

Hope you're not too horrified at my making you think about Christmas in November and that you can benefit from a little foray into the decoration department while there is still lots to choose from - maybe wear some earmuffs though to block out the Christmas music.


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