Drinks but no Dinner


I'm not doing terribly well on my Boot Camp blogging.   Just managing to read all the fab ideas but not implement them.  Never mind, the peaks of work are usually followed by troughs, or at least brief periods of relative tranquility, so I shall put some of those ideas into action before too long.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a current small obsession, that of home bars.  Not the kind where someone actually has a bar built in a room in their house - a look that is very hard to pull off if you don't happen to live in LA - but the more casual, improvised kind using a tray or a shelf or, if you're really going for it, maybe a trolley or a cabinet. 

It's perhaps a slightly surprising obsession for me to have as I don't ever drink alcohol myself but I do love the idea of the lifestyle a drinks trolley suggests.  To me it is a sign that you are the kind of person who invites friends round for drinks and has friends who will just pop in for a drink and a chat.  I don't know about you but I don't seem to have the knack of this.  I tend to feel I have to invite people for dinner which then turns into a bit of a big time-consuming and expensive event which, by definition, you can't do too often.  The creation of my drinks trolley is the first step on the road to introducing my new policy of short and sweet social gatherings.

The contents of my drinks trolley, image above, are just things that I had to hand.  The actual trolley is a rather lovely vintage French piece from my stock ( http://www.kittyfishersfinds.co.uk/view_post.php?postid=1000000035 ).  When that's sold I'll just transfer my drinks to a tray on my sideboard, also a perfectly good look.

In the image below from Beckwith Interiors, Nashville, USA on Houzz, they've put a simple shelf to good use:

Below, most of a cabinet is given over to a drinks bar.  Lots of cabinets would lend themselves to this.  This one is from Houzz, Tim Cuppett Architects, Austin, Texas, US

If you want to create your own bar but don't think you have the spot for it, I think you should take inspiration from the two images below.  The first one is a snap from a shop display in Anthropologie.  They have created a little bar on a mirror - a lovely bit of improvisation.  The second image is from The Perfectly Imperfect Home by Deborah Needleman - a lovely, encouraging book you might like.   As the image is so sketchy it may help give rein to your imagination when looking round your own home for a good spot for a bar.



When it comes to accessorizing a home bar, once you start looking, you will see that there are masses of lovely, glamorous possibilities.  Here are a few that I particularly like because they are stylish or witty or both: 

 Chicago Bar Accessories from John Lewis priced between £23 and £40

Hammered bar accessories from John Lewis priced between £7 and £40
I love the fun of these accessories:

  If you search "decanter" on the Anthropologie site you'll find several candles in shapes that would look good on your bar and add a bit of fun.  Here's one to start off with:

Is a duck decanter from Zara Home a step too far?  Each of us must answer that question for ourselves. Available in store - hurry while stocks last!

Just in case this post comes across as an advert to encourage the consumption of more alcohol, let me also suggest you check out this video on YouTube - Every On-Screen Drink in Madmen - where even the suave and beautiful people in that world look rather sad and needy when they overdo it.   



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