Not a Boot Camp Kind of Girl


My blogging life seems to be speeding by even more quickly than my real life and that is going by at a terrifying rate of knots.  I can hardly believe I've been blogging for four months now.  I've managed to keep to my fairly modest aim of blogging once a week and have really enjoyed doing each post.  I feel like I've got to grips with the practicalities and technicalities of blogging and can afford to be a bit more adventurous with my posts.

To this end, I've signed up for the Blogging Your Way Boot Camp.  I'm definitely not normally a boot camp kind of girl,  but as the course is run by Holly Becker of decor8 and I survived her basic course, I know I'm not going to end up trying to do press-ups with my face in a muddy puddle, whilst being shouted at by a guy in uniform.  You can find Holly's blog on:
Over the next month I will be trying to impress my teacher with interesting and varied blog posts - I'm hoping you'll be impressed too.  Do feel free to comment on the posts as we go along.  I'd be glad to have your feedback.  

I'm constantly taking photos and making notes about things that I think may be of interest but when I write up a post I like to be at my desk at home.  I thought you might like to see where I am when I'm posting a blog.  This is my study:

The desk was supposed to be temporary.  It is made up of two Ikea metal office cabinets and a red glass table top from Habitat that used to be in the kitchen of my old house.  I've grown to really like the expanse of warm red that brings out every little bit of red in the rest of the room.  I've also borrowed a fab chandelier from my stock that saves it all from looking too cheapy and makeshift.

By the way, that isn't me sitting in that chair.  That is just a cushion with a woman's face on it.


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