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Love it or loathe it, you probably have to agree that Ikea come up with some pretty good, occasionally really good, products at very reasonable prices.   My focus today is on the rugs they have in store at the moment.  The right rug is so hard to find if you are on a tight budget.  If money is no option, your main problem is choosing one from the array of gorgeous designs that are out there - you need only take a quick peek at The Rug Company website to get an idea of the beautiful rugs available.  However, good-looking rugs tend to come with a rather high price tag that can put them out of the reach of most folk and often means that people decide not to use a rug at all.

When I was in Ikea a couple of days ago I was most struck by the Rand design which I felt like I'd been seeing around for ages and hadn't really registered that it was from Ikea until a visit a few months previously.

As it turns out there is a very good reason for that:  Madeline Weinrib, a purveyor of rather lovely but fairly expensive rugs, does a very similar version of it called the Buche.   The Rand rug, and the Buche, have featured in many a roomset in magazines and on the internet.  I've got at least a couple of images stored in my own files.  I'm sure the Buche will be a better quality item and Madeline Weinrib will also make them in just the size you want, but as a budget version the Rand doesn't look half bad.  Here's a close-up so you can get an idea of the texture:

Here is the link to the Madeline Weinrib Buche:

And here to the Ikea Rand
It gradually dawned on me (I can be quite slow) that the similarity in these two rugs can't have struck only me, so I did a trawl on the net this morning and came up with this excellent blog post on just this matter from two years ago!  Check it out.  You may be inspired by the variety of settings it is shown in:


Another Ikea rug that wouldn't look out of place on the Madeline Weinrib site is the Alvine Ruta, pictured here:


Both the pattern and the colour are fashionable at the moment but also quite timeless - everyone's favourite combination as noone wants to spend money on a flash in the pan.  The yellow is quite ochre in tone which I think makes it easy to live with.  The link below to Houzz.com shows it in a couple of different settings, though I'm not totally convinced about its placement, it does add interest to these rooms.

If you fancy a bold design but don't want to commit to a colour, you might consider the Lappjung Ruta (you've got to love those names):

It doesn't have the greatest texture but it makes a bold statement, without being overpowering, is square rather than rectangular, which can be useful, and is an amazing price:
If you're feeling like you want to be bold with colour, there are quite a few strong candidates:  I'm really enjoying the vibrant and bold blues that are having a moment and I could see Ikea's blue Triangel rug working beautifully with some of the blue accessories in Designers Guild. Would be a bit more of a financial investment but have lots of impact.


Check out their site for inspiration on how to put the look together:
Too much blue in the Triangel?  What about the Eivor Cirkel in blue? (not keen on it in the red):


Will just end with a couple more colourful examples that may just float your boat:



If you prefer something very traditional and think Ikea isn't for you.  Take a look at this photo of one corner of the Ikea rug department and see if it gets you thinking they might be worth a look:

Please don't count the number of times I've used the word "rug" in this article.  Can't think of a true synonym and don't want to torture the language by getting round it.






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